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Terms and Conditions

Please read our terms and conditions, We are a not for profit site and we need to cover our costs. We are transparent about our charging policy, We advise everyone to read or terms and conditions before every purchase.


Tickets for this site may only be purchased by those people who use British Sign Langauge, as their first or second language.


1: The role of BSLtickets.co.uk in the purchase and sale of Tickets is to work in partnership with theatres to promote Access performances and to make direct requests to theatres for specific seating for the Signed/captioned performance.

2: BSLtickets.co.uk and Vee Limited cannot be held liable for theatre allocating seats in the wrong area. Any Dispute in seating should be taken up with the venue's access officer within 24 hours of the performance.

3: Once a ticket has been booked and paid for it cannot be refunded. Please make sure you intend to purchase it. Other terms and conditions of the sale of that ticket(s) are applicable to those specified by the venue.

4: A Handling fee of £1.50 will be charged on the given price from the venue for the cost of arranging the tickets purchased on our website. Any other fees levied by the theatre for handling, restoration, development are due at the venue.

5: In the case of a Cancelled performance either the show or Interpreter, we will liaise with the venue on obtaining a refund. However any transaction fees levied on BSLtickets.co.uk or Vee Ltd will be deducted from your refund. E.G. Paypal charges, and any in connection with the transaction reversal.

6: Your Name, Address and contact details will be given to the venue when you book tickets. They will not be sold, nor will they be passed to other venues who use BSLtickets.co.uk for listing their access performance. We may add your e-mail address to the venues publicity list so you can be kept informed of special offers and important information.

7: We will not send you spam. If you receive e-mail from us that you do not want please inform us and we will remove you from the mailing list.

8: For any promotional scheme or Competitions as a condition your contact details will be added to our mailing list. If you do not want this to happen, Please contact us in writing, We will remove your details within 28days of receiving your request. When writing to us please include your Name, Address, and contact details that you have supplied us.

9: We aim to provide simple access listings. Sometimes the information published may change without our knowledge. Things like the show's star, times and access performance dates. We will do all we can to keep you informed. But we advise all users of this site to confirm the details with venue before booking tickets with us. Our site lists the venues contact Information and/or Access officer/Designated persons details.

10: Ticket bought by non British Sign Language Users (deaf and hearing), may be: refused admission to the theatre on grounds of false purchase, asked to leave their seats, future bookings on this site will be cancelled without refund. 

11: If you have any queries about ticket purchasing. Please contact us before you book!

BSL Tickets is owned by Vee Limited a registered company in England and Wales Company number 04703616

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