Services » BSL Tickets is a great way to promote and sell tickets for your accessible events.


We pride ourselves on our researched and proven model for making the provision of access SIMPLE & EASY!

We can provide various services and products.


You can download the BSLtickets Overview here.


  • Providing a full access service
  • Providing just a listing service
  • Online Access ticket booking for venues and events
  • Membership of
  • The only access training created for theatre & the Arts
  • Access Consultancy
  • Access Complaint Arbitration


Full Access Services

BSLtickets can provide you with specialised Sign Language Interpreters for your performance, giving you the security of knowing you have a high quality service, and that patrons will return to your venue. Our in-house team and external service providers are carefully selected and monitored by us on a regular basis.


Listings Service

We promote our website widely amongst the BSL (British Sign Language) community, and have spent a lot of time and effort developing and setting up good links and contacts to get the best coverage possible. Listing can either be by venue or for an entire tour, which we hope will appeal to producers.


Online Ticketing

Many venues fail to provide an effective online booking system for access performances. We provide a simple, easy to use booking system that allows access patrons to book their tickets online, which is a unique feature of BSLtickets.

BSLtickets will not block book access seats, but discuss how we can integrate with your system to enable simple, online access bookings.


Venue Membership of

Maybe you just want to know what’s going on? BSLtickets provides a regular e-mailing to all members detailing good practise, new initiatives, venue news, and offers.

The aim is to drive up standards and promote better access for all.



Since 2003 Vee Limited has developed a successful holistic access package, empowering venues and ensuring that  access isn’t a ‘bolt-on’ service, but an integral part of the core business.

Experience has shown that access works most successfully when it’s led from the top so we have a five module approach aimed at empowering venues:


* Access Officer / Designated Person Module
* Senior Management Module

* Middle Management Module
* Marketing Module
* Front-line Staff Module 


Access Consultancy

We have tried and tested solutions that help theatres, galleries, museums and other arts venues to provide successful events and increased audiences. We are a very hands on based company that really wants venue to succeed and provide the best access they can. We aim to beat any other access providers and look forward to working with you to provide this.

BSL Tickets is owned by Vee Limited a registered company in England and Wales Company number 04703616

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